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Education Before and Education Today

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Twenty-years ago children sat in desks while the teacher's dictated to them the numbers, letters, and provided test after test after test to "supposedly" assess comprehension.

I don't really think I learned anything useful that could've helped me evolve into a leader of today.

Education wise we are living in a time capsule where the education system is considered delayed causing our children to fail and fall behind. We teachers have to look to a new education system where we have to modify our curriculum to the needs of the children. A world where we should show our children that first of all it's okay to be different. We have to learn to embrace the differences that each child brings to our classroom and stop classifying children because remember all children can learn. All children learn differently and if as teachers' we can't teach that child then we as teachers' have failed that child.

We have to teach them to evolve as individuals because they are our leaders of tomorrow and they are the ones that will make a difference to the future world that we will live in.

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