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Welcome to Happy Kids Learn

A Community for Passionate Educators and Learners

Welcome to Happy Kids Learn, where  children are provided with a virtual afterschool program to express their individual selves. At Ms. Daisy's virtual afterschool classes, I am committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun. Students are empowered to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking. Discover an afterschool program built for your preschooler.


There are different learning approaches that should be put in effective as well as an effective curriculum when teaching children. As an early childhood educator, I plan to work with children 3-6 year olds to create a positive learning experience. I will make sure to be a role model demonstrating respect, patience, and care for children and all adults that I may interact with. Children’s learning should be scaffold and their needs should be met when in the care of others. Children are perceptual learners, which means in order for them to learn you have to tell, show, create the opportunity for them to learn, practice and implement the expectations, and provide feedback to the children that are meeting the expectations.
My philosophy is based on the theorist Lev Vygotsky. “Vygotsky’s view of cognitive development places greater emphasis on the language and social interaction” (Trawick-Smith 2014, p 267). As a teacher I wish for the children to learn and will guide them through their environment by scaffolding their thinking process to achieve their learning process. As a teacher, children will be provided with fundamental activities that will increase their curiosity and their knowledge of learning.
According to Vygotsky, “children’s thinking is highly influenced by interactions and conversation with other people”(Trawick-Smith 2014, p 253). Children benefit from a rich and nurturing environment where they interact through play with children and teachers. I believe the learning process is initiated when play is also initiated.
My goals as a teacher, therefore is, for the children to feel safe to explore and initiate their learning experience through play in a safe environment where they can be happy to learn and be themselves.The aim is to form close relationships with the children as well as with their family making sure all needs are met.
Teaching can be challenging but can also be rewarding when you see children learning with their peers and with their teachers. As an educator, focusing on assessments is an effective way to make sure that children are learning and progressing. It’s great when you are able to see the interaction of the children and how they are able to help their peers due to their calm, safe, and nurturing home environment that is provided to the children.

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