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Creative Curriculum


Kids Drawing

Happy Kids Learn is a community that serves preschool children from the ages of 3-6. Our children's lives should be enriched with purposeful play. Children should be able to play all while developing and that's why we have adapted into the creative curriculum, were children have fun and engage with their peers. 

We also can't forget our parent community. You will get connected with other parents that have the same desire to engage their children with into an after school program where the children can just be themselves and have fun, here you can communicate with other parents, share strategies, or concerns. 

Our curriculum consists of different objectives for the development and the learning of children. It focuses on the social emotional, physical development, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, Social Studies, the Arts, and English/ Spanish acquisition. The children learn through play interacting with their peers and with their teacher for further learning. I strive to create a fun, interactive after school activities for your preschooler. 

Get in Touch

At Ms. Daisy's Virtual After School, children can engage in both Spanish and English providing a wonderful learning experience, engaging and learning to grow and develop. The children will develop social emotional skills and engage with friends virtually throughout the week.  You can choose from one or all of the after school activities. 

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